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Reps can now access NetCommissions when using Microsoft Teams & D365

Posted by Jerry Hegarty on Tue, Dec 8, 2020 @ 08:12 AM

More than ever, sales professionals need to maximize their focus on profitable sales growth. By providing users of Microsoft Teams & Dynamics 365 with a seamless integration to NetCommissions your sales team will spend even more time selling.

Sales leaders will tell anyone within earshot that if proper attention is not paid to the details of a sales tool upgrade, software that should provide breakthrough productivity improvements on paper often flip from the next great thing to ending up as just “another mouth to feed”. Unsuccessful implementations are littered with examples of how well intended investments in sales tools fell short only to become viewed as activity traps by reps who sacrificed valuable selling time to administering and maintaining inefficient processes.

To protect against these dangers, the KISS (Keep-It-Simple-Stupid) principle is important to bear in mind whenever contemplating the path forward with any technology investment aimed at productivity improvement. At first blush this may sound simple and easy but is typically real hard to do well. A common tug of war that we see all the time is between adding a little bit more functionality to a process or solution versus the added complexity introduced by this new capability. As the enhancements and capabilities stack up, so does the time it takes to engage with them. Ideally, we should be providing our sales teams with tools that leverage the best of all worlds, ones that both enhance their ability to achieve the goal of improved productivity while being careful to maintain a streamlined approach to the software tools we use.  

With simplicity and ease-of-use for sales reps as the goal, NetCommissions has collaborated with Microsoft to provide users of Microsoft Teams & Dynamics 365 with solutions aimed at not only providing sales teams with the productivity benefits of the NetCommissions Sales Performance Management platform, but doing so in the most streamlined manner possible. With a focus on minimizing clicks & screens reps need to navigate, NetCommissions seamlessly integrates with Teams to enhance collaboration on some of the most strategic work that occurs within a business, growing profitable sales!

Reps can access the same NetCommissions experience without ever leaving Microsoft Teams or Dynamics 365 such as:

  • Single Sign-on via Azure Active DirectoryTeams Dashboard 300 x 170
  • Checking their performance dashboard to see upcoming payouts
  • Track and sign new plan agreements, engage in configurable approval workflows. 
  • Submit and respond to any credit questions directly with their admin via Teams chats & channels.


"A simple, yet elegant, solution” Noah Carp, CFO

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