Frequently Asked Questions; Background

Can NetCommissions help me develop an ROI for this project? Yes, NetCommissions will work with any company evaluating the NetCommissions hosted incentive compensation solution. The output of this analysis is commonly an ROI report that can be used during project budgeting discussions. With breakeven usually under 12 months, most companies find that ROI of the NetCommissions solutions will be quicker than that of packaged software due to the lower cost structure.

What does NetCommissions do? NetCommissions is a provider of 'hosted incentive compensation solutions'. The services, which are hosted by NetCommissions and available as interactive web applications for a monthly subscription fee, include NCTeam, NCPro, and NCEnterprise and industry specific solutions such as the Netcommissions CPG & Financial Services solutions.

I'm a sales manager. How can I benefit from NetCommissions? As a sales manager, NetCommissions provides you woith instant visibility into the performance, and as important, the performance drivers of you sales organization. Your reps will be more productive as they will have mmore time to focus on selling activities and spending less time double checking the accuracy of thier commissions statement (shadow accounting).

I'm an individual sales person. How can I benefit from NetCommissions? NetCommissions brings you an easy way to view the results of your efforts. By securely logging onto the NetCommissions portal, sales reps have access to timely performance feedback in the form of a full suite of web based commission statements with drill down reporting to transaction level detail.

What if I'm not in sales? How can I benefit from NetCommissions? NetCommissions provides a set of communication services that includes accessing on-line web reports through the secure NetCommissions portal. This information typically includes key attainment reports related to individual goals, corporate performance, annual bonus, etc. that provide employees with critical feedback related to how their behavior and decisions align with an ever changing set of corporate goals.

My organization uses resellers. Can they access NetCommissions? Yes, channel partners are treated with the same level of importance as direct employees. The security protocols that govern the flow of information to channel partners and resellers are managed by the subscribing organization. This level of access is common to the financial services industry where extensive networks of broker dealers are leveraged and communication efficiency and accuracy is critical.

I'm a sales operations analyst. How can I benefit from NetCommissions? NetCommissions is a strategic partner with technology & services aimed at allowing analysts to shift their focus from tactical administration of the incentive compensation process(such as managing an unwieldy spreadsheet based process to focus more attention on the strategic impact of the process.

I'm a marketing manager. How can I benefit from NetCommissions? With the added level of flexibility that partnering with process experts such as NetCommissions brings, marketing managers are able to respond quicker to changes in the competitive environment. Leveraging programs such as SPIF's (Special Promotional Incentive Funds) allow marketing to use incentive compensation to target emerging market segments with increased commissions rates. These programs can be useful with product lifecycle management activities such as product obsolescence where incentive compensation can be used to encourage sales of products soon to be 'sunsetted'.

What is a payee? A payee is any person or entity that is receiving output of the incentive compensation process. This output may be in the form of either reports or commission checks. These plan participants often include sales reps, sales managers, channel partners, employees, etc.

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