Implementation Methodology

Transforming exciting projects into superior business results

NetCommissions™ helps companies of any size improve sales, productivity and performance by providing affordable and integrated on-line sales commission management solutions that include self service web reporting, analytics, workflow and process administration.

The structure imposed by the NetCommissions Implementation Methodology is specifically designed to maximize the probability of a successful implementation. To accomplish this, the methodology relies on four primary concepts:

  • Scope Restriction
  • Progressive Enhancement
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Incremental Planning

These four concepts combine to mitigate the most common risks associated with implementation of NetCommissions.

The following provides a high level summary of the methodology embraced by NetCommissions for each implementation.

Each implementation is comprised of five major stages as described below:


The goal of the Discovery process is to rapidly expose the plan, policies and procedures, reports, organization, data requirements, and external interfaces at a lower level of detail than discussed during the sales process.


The Design Phase is a discussion, design and decision phase during which NetCommissions is completing the Design Document. It represents the requirements discussed during the Discovery and the design of the requirements in the context of the NetCommissions solution.


Once the Design Phase has been completed, the Implementation Phase will begin. This phase is a hands-on phase during which NetCommissions will implement the plans, develop external data feed mechanisms and develop reports. The Design Document is the binding principle for the Implementation Phase


Once implemented, a critical task is the preparation of the test scenarios, data, and expected results for testing all components (functionality, volume, user acceptance, etc.). While in test, NetCommissions is run in parallel with the existing commissions system until final acceptance.

Roll Out

The final conversion of the system and a transition to NetCommissions is completed. Focus shifts to user training for all roles including analysts, sales reps and executives as well as the internal launch of NetCommissions.