Plan Administration Module

The heart of the NetCommissions solution is the ability to calculate sales commissions in a timely and accurate manner. The calculation engine within NetCommissions is an integral element of the solution that automates the complete sales commission calculation process.

For companies with multiple sales plans servicing various roles throughout the sales organization, the NetCommissions Plans Module provides users with the flexibility to calculate plans based on any number of plan components at any level of complexity. All plans and plan components can be administered by business users through the use of Plan Administration module.

The following are a few of the elements of plans that are easily administered by Compensation Analysts through the NetCommissions plans module:

  • Draws (recoverable & non recoverable)
  • Windfalls & Shortfalls
  • Caps & Thresholds
  • User defined Performance Bands
  • Payouts can be fixed amounts ($) or as a percentage of metric/target incentive (%)
  • Ramped Commissions (Accelerators)
  • Rolling Averages
  • Eligibility
  • Bonuses (Discretionary, Awards, Contests)
  • Variable Commissions
  • Sales Crediting (Splits, Double Credit)
  • Claw Backs, True-ups & Reconcilliations
  • Unlimited Performance Measures
  • Payouts on Milestones / Cash Receipt
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Special Promotion Incentive Funds (SPIFF)
  • Adjusted values
  • Plan Documents
  • MBO's / KPI's
  • Other

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