Frequently Asked Questions; General

What platforms do I need to run NetCommissions? NetCommissions is a hosted solution that requires little infrastructure to support. Users with a web browser have full access to performance reports and process alerts.

How do I get upgrades to NetCommissions? As a hosted incentive compensation solution, upgrades are transparent to the user. Any upgrades are managed by NetCommissions with users experiencing a seamless increase in capabilities.

How do I get access to NetCommissions? Because NetCommissions is an online service, there is no hardware or software to buy, install, or maintain. Just point your browser to the NetCommissions login page and login.

Is any training required to learn to use NetCommissions? NetCommissions is designed to be easy to learn and can be used immediately. Our customers find that using NetCommissions is similar to using other Web sites — extremely intuitive and user friendly. If you know how to use the Web, you will know how to use NetCommissions. Training classes are provided as part of NetCommissions University

How quickly can my company be up and running? With NetCommissions, you can be up and running within 45 days (live in 45!). It typically takes that period of time to set up and configure your NetCommissions solution. Implementation timelines depend greatly on the scope of the solution, amount of historical data to include and tie out, length of test period, etc.

How do I get started? Getting started with NetCommissions is an easy process. The best way of initiating the process is to contact NetCommissions at 1-978-332-5564. Representatives are available who can assess your needs and work with you to plan the best approach to helping you meet your incentive compensation challenges.

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