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Mass Innovation Nights highlights NetCommissions at January event

Posted by Jerry Hegarty on Sat, Jan 14, 2012 @ 10:01 AM

A huge thanks to the organizers of Mass Innovation Nights (@MassInno) for inviting NetCommissions to participate in its Jan. 11 networking conference. Each month a select number of companies are invited to share with the Boston area high tech community new, exciting and unique business concepts. The event hosted by IBM at the IBM innovation center and the evening was filled with tremendous passion & energy.

We never balk at an opportunity to share our breakthrough approach to contemporary Sales Performance issues such as best practice strategies related to SaaS Sales Compensation, Sales Performance Management & Performance Management for the entire enterprise. The evening with @MassInno was a great opportunity to share, learn and discuss many of the common threads that bind the innovation community together.


Saas Sales Compensation

While product demonstrations focused mainly on how NetCommissions helps emerging SaaS sales teams maintain goal alignment in dynamic competitive markets, discussion also included work NetCommissions has done in Pharmaceutical and Consumer Packaged Good (CPG) industries.

A special nod to some rapidly emerging companies also doing great things; GivingSomeThing, SpecialNeedsSitter, CampusLibre, iflymobi, GrowSocially and BlueTrainMobile.

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