Success Story: Mayer Electric

MAYER Electric is one of the nations largest wholesale distributors of electrical products and equipment, connected solutions, lighting, digital tools, DataCom technologies, power distribution and automation and control systems. 

Before starting with NetCommissions, their sales commissions process was a spreadsheet based process was time consuming with infrequent reporting to the field sales team.

Before NetCommissions:

"Before automating our commission process, it was a nightmare ... it took us about two weeks to complete the whole process ... when we first started we were using excel to pay commissions to over 400 sales associates. We had workbooks for every branch and each associate within each branch. Every month we would have to manually input sales data into each worksheet for each sales associate so that we could calculate their commission. It took our team about two weeks from start to finish in order to get the monthly commissions paid" 

"Another piece of this process is that we would have to accrue commissions for the next month, because we pay them n arrears, so we would have  to do the calculation twice, one for the actual payment and  the other for the accrual"

"With such  a manual process, it makes you nervous because there is so much human interaction and with that inevitably come mistakes."

"When the commissions check is not there when sales expects it, things can get dicey"

What benefits are you seeing with NetCommissions?

"The benefits that we're seeing are just great; our sales associates can see everyday how sales and commissions are tracking, it helps them hit their sales goals, they know where they stand every day !

"NetCommissions was able to take all or our data and put it into their platform where our sales associates could access that information in a timely manner, so instead of having to wait until the end  of the month to see what their performance numbers were they were able to now see them "real time" which all our sales people love! "

"Our sales team is becoming more strategic and can focus more time and effort on achieving their goals."

Was NetCommissions able to improve the efficiency of your finance & sales operations team?

"IT automatically sends data files to NetCommissions every night and calculations are done automatically and reports are refreshed with the latest information"

"Instead of it taking 2-3 days just to make the commission accrual, it happens with the click of a button."

"A process that used to take 2 weeks now takes 2 days"

"We even have it set up with a workflow where managers can review report of their sales associates and approve their commissions with the click of a button."

"It's just so much faster than what it used to be, and by eliminating manual errors it much more accurate

What have all these improvements meant to the Sales & Accounting team ?

"It saves our team 2 weeks of time every month and with that time we are freed to work on higher value-add / more strategic projects ... some of which were on the back burner for a long time"