Success Story: EduVentures, Inc.

Eduventures is the industry leader in research, consulting, and advisory services for the higher education community. For nearly 20 years, college and university leaders and education industry providers have looked to Eduventures for innovative and forward-looking ideas, for insights into best practices, and for help with making the strategic and operational decisions vital to their success.

Before starting with NetCommissions, they had worked with software vendor before and found the experience unsatisfactory. The spreadsheet based process was cumbersome and error prone. Reporting to the sales team was difficult and the sales operations staff was getting overwhelmed. Eduventures is a user of and integrating with SFDC and other in house systems was paramount.

Before NetCommissions:

"Complicated and managed through a collection of excel worksheets ... quite cumbersome to administer ... this is how we had built things ...we reached a point in our evolution where we were looking to become more efficient and make sure our systems had strong checks and balances in place"

"As we spoke to vendors out there, we were really finding a lack of flexibility out there when it came to the ability, willingness or interest in working creatively, when we spoke to NetCommissions, this was not a problem"

Was NetCommissions able to improve the efficiency of your finance & sales operations team?

"Simple yet elegant solution ... I'll put it simplistically, NetCommissions pulls all the data together and combines with the commission plans ... we press a button and out pops the earnings and payments without expending a significant amount of people resources"

"It has brought tremendous time savings to EduVentures, and specifically within sales operations ... it has freed up considerable bandwidth that can then be allocated to other areas such as ... performing analysis of all different types to support growth"

"Administration requires considerably fewer resources, that is absolutely an enormous benefit to EduVentures"

How has the service level to sales, sales management and corporate executives been affected?

"We're able to process commissions quickly and make reports available to sales very quickly; they simply log in and see what the results are"

"We get great feedback from our sales team, from the individuals who are looking to NetCommissions to see how they are tracking, how they are doing relative to their targets"

"Members of the sales team have been very pleased by the reporting, the information it is showing, how concisely it illustrates and details how they are performing, very positive from members of the sales team"

"Managers log in and see how their teams are performing and what they are earning in commissions over time”

"Feedback here has been really just excellent and exceptional, very happy with the way reports are laid out and how intuitive it is to look at them and to understand what the performance has been"

Has NetCommissions improved your ability to support auditors ?

"They have found NetCommissions very valuable and easy to do their checks on our financials"

"External accountants are looking to us to provide backup detail behind the numbers we are posting, when it comes to commissions, it is the NetCommissions reposts that provide this data to our auditors. They have found this reporting to be very easy to follow and understand ... when I think about the amount of questions that used to come up when we were using our own homegrown spreadsheets compared to the last few years with NetCommissions, there has been much less confusion ... its been very easy for them to follow these statements ... anything that makes our auditors work easier, makes our work easier"

Has NetCommissions passed the test of time?

"We've been working with NetCommissions for 3+ years and its been a terrific ride"

"Frankly, NetCommissions has been a tremendous team to work with, they have really gotten to understand EduVentures as a business and they have been able to even proactively make recommendations"